1. ELECTRIC POWER BIKES products are covered by a 12 (twelve) month warranty for damage due to manufacturing defects in the following electrical components: electric motor, controller. Lithium ion batteries are covered by a 12 (twelve) month warranty, while lead batteries are covered by a 6 (six) month warranty. The following components – spare parts are NOT covered by the warranty: the battery charger, rotating acceleration handle – hand throttle, pedal sensor – pedelec, battery and control indicator – odometer – display, brake pads, disc brakes, brake cables, lights, bulbs, switches, frame, suspensions, saddle, saddle lever, rack, trunk, basket, steering wheel, chain guard, chain, plastic covers, gears – gears, gear selector, mudguards, lock, mirrors, pedals, disc arm, tires, sunshades, uprights – lateral uprights, spokes, rims – rims, reflectors and other consumables. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase of the product. Proof of the above is the date of the guarantee or proof of purchase. A Li-ion battery is considered defective and covered under warranty when its performance drops below 40% of its rated performance from the day of purchase. The lead-acid battery is considered defective and covered by the warranty, when within 6 (six) months from the date of purchase, one or more elements are found to be short-circuited. The warranty on lead acid batteries does not cover battery performance degradation. The warranty of the battery is terminated as a result of improper use of the battery for example, overcharging, excessive discharge, short circuit received by a faulty – shorted controller or electric motor, visible traces of moisture inside the battery case, cracks, breakage from dropping, impact or poor fastening , defective charger, tampering with charger wiring and battery by unauthorized persons, such as a technician not belonging to our company, by obvious stress points of the charger, such as a broken or detached shell.

2. ELECTRIC POWER BIKES products must be used carefully following the instructions written in the instructions for use –  maintenance and in the general instructions for the use of electric vehicles, which you can see by clicking HERE.
3. The retail purchase receipt or purchase invoice is also a warranty certificate. The date written on the receipt is also the start date of the guarantee.
4. In the event of intervention covered by the guarantee, the customer will transport the product to the repair workshop of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES with his own care, accompanying it with the proof of purchase-guarantee. The product will be repaired and returned to the customer upon notification by the ELECTRIC POWER BIKES repair shop. Repairs covered by the warranty must be carried out by the ELECTRIC POWER BIKES repair shop. Any replacement of a damaged or defective part must FIRST be sent to our company headquarters, then checked by our technicians and if it is established that the damage is due to a defective product THEN ONLY the repaired part is sent if it can be repaired or a new spare part if it cannot be repaired. In the event that it is found that the spare part has been damaged due to the fault of the user, the replacement – repair is at the expense of the customer. All transport costs to and from the company to the customer are borne by the customer.
5. The performance of a repair and/or replacement, under the conditions defined by this warranty, does not extend the warranty nor renew its expiration.
6. This warranty does not extend to various cases of wear and tear of material, design or construction. In particular, it does not cover the following:
• Checks, maintenance, periodic repair and replacement of parts as a result of natural wear and tear of the product such as: brake pads, disc brakes, brake cables, lights, lights, switches, frame, suspensions, saddle, saddle lever, rack, trunk, basket, steering wheel , chain guard, chain, plastic covers, gears – gears, gear selector, mudguards, lock, mirrors, pedals, disc arm, tires, umbrellas, upright, spokes, rims, reflectors and other consumables.
• Abuse, misuse, negligence or use incompatible with the purpose of the product (for example using the vehicle on off-road routes, overloading the vehicle beyond the limits stated in the instructions for use or with the more specific technical precautions stated in the instructions for use , or damages due to road accidents such as falls and/or ingress of liquids to the controller, battery, electric motor, charger and all electrical parts of the vehicle).
• Use of the product in conjunction with components not certified by ELECTRIC POWER BIKES as suitable for the product.
• Malfunctions of the product resulting from incorrect installation or work that does not comply with the technical standards or safety standards as they apply, or violation of the instructions contained in the instructions for use of the product.
• Accidents, natural disasters or other causes beyond the control of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES, resulting from lightning, water, moisture, salt, fire.
• Damage to the battery due to overloading or use in violation of the clear instructions for proper maintenance mentioned in the instructions for use.
• Unauthorized modifications made to the product to comply with national or local technical standards applicable in countries where the product is not available.
• Repairs performed by unauthorized workshops, such as opening the product or tampering with the product (battery, electric motor, controller unit, charger, electrical circuit after its components and wiring) by unauthorized personnel.
• Alteration, cancellation, removal, or unreadability of the product model and/or serial number.
• Charging the battery with a charger of a different model than the one provided and accompanying the product or with a non-genuine charger provided by ELECTRIC POWER BIKES.
• Non-compliance with the rules stated in the instructions for use and maintenance.

Use of the vehicle on roads with a slope greater than the upper one prescribed for the respective electric motor or loading with a weight greater than prescribed.
7. The material replaced by the warranty due to damage is the property of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES, and must be delivered to the authorized workshop which will take the necessary actions to return it to the company’s headquarters. Otherwise, the material will be invoiced normally to the customer.
8. Any damage found by the customer should contact our company immediately and report the problem, so that they can be given the appropriate instructions. In the event of any intervention on vehicle components by the customer or by a workshop, for which our company has not been informed in advance, in order to approve the intervention, it will result in the expiry of the vehicle warranty.
9. The listed autonomy of each battery is valid with a driver – user of a vehicle weighing 75 kg, in clear weather conditions, 25 degrees Celsius, without headwinds, on a dry smooth and level asphalted road, with 0% ground slope, continuous traffic, without interruptions, no stops and restarts and a constant speed of 15 km/h.
10. For the warranty to be valid, the stickers of our company, which display the logo, telephone numbers, website and e-mail address of our company, must not have been removed from the vehicle.
11. This guarantee does not modify or limit the rights of consumers as defined by law, nor those that the consumer may enjoy under any sales contracts he may have entered into with the dealers.
12. For any dispute, the competent courts for resolution are those of the Prefecture of Chania.

Technical assistance

To all our customers who purchase ELECTRIC POWER BIKES electric vehicles, we offer technical support that includes all types of repairs and maintenance, so that they feel confident and secure in choosing an ELECTRIC POWER BIKES electric vehicle.