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Our company ELECTRIC POWER BIKES is specialized in the market of electric bicycles and their accessories.

Our ELECTRIC POWER BIKES are manufactured with the latest technology and are equipped with high performance batteries and reliable and powerful motors.


ELECTRIC POWER BIKES utilizing its many years of experience in electric vehicles, can and does identify the real needs of each customer, suggests the appropriate vehicle and provides appropriate technical support.

Before the delivery of each electric vehicle, a detailed technical inspection and test route is performed, in order to ensure the full functionality of the vehicle.

ELECTRIC POWER BIKES has on the market electric vehicles, in which selected parts and mechanical parts are used, thus ensuring a high degree of reliability and safety.


ELECTRIC POWER BIKES has stock in spare parts for all electric vehicles, so that in a short time it is possible to send and deliver any spare part. We have the ability to achieve the maximum possible relationship between technical specifications, quality and final price, and make affordable the acquisition of an electric vehicle to anyone who wants to taste the joy of electric drive.

Our goal is our satisfied customers, who enjoy the high quality of our electric vehicles at the most economical prices on the market. Driving our electric vehicles you feel the joy, the power and the infinite sense of freedom!

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