Why choose an e-bike?

People often ask why are our customers, especially in recent years, chose to buy electric bikes from our company.

It’s simple:

* They climb hills easily, as if they were flat roads.

* They don’t sweat. Something very important, especially when they use their e-bike to go to work.

* They move quickly and save time without delays in traffic jams. In the cities where the average speed of cars drops too low, the use of electric bicycles gives us a significant advantage in moving. In addition they can easily be parked anywhere in the city.
Compared to the car for a distance of 400 km per month (in the city) (20 km x 20 days), they can save more than 8 hours per month of their precious time!

* They have access to more locations. For example, on roads closed to cars and motorbikes, where only pedestrians and bicycles are allowed.

* They move more safely, because they achieve speeds closer to the flow of the road.

* In addition, the climate of our country is conducive to the use of our electric bicycles almost throughout the year.

* They exercise more and have better physical condition because they use their electric bike almost daily.

* Many do not have time to exercise, so when using an e-bike for transportation they workout simultaneously.

* It is quiet and helps reduce noise.

* It is environmentally friendly.
The energy consumed by our electric bikes for a distance of 50 km, is the same as the energy consumed by a conventional 100Watt bulb used for 5 hours.
If you used the car to cover the same distance, the energy needed would be 150 times greater, i.e. the 100Watt light bulb should remain on for 750 hours, for more than 1 month.
When you travel 5,000 km a year with all our electric bikes, CO2 emissions in the atmosphere are reduced by 1.500 kilos per year.
By using our electric bikes we help preserve the global climate.

* All materials from our electric bicycles, metals, plastics, and batteries are fully recyclable.

* The battery can be charged by solar or wind energy.

* They have a high resale value.

* It is economical to use them.
With current fuel prices (1,7 € per liter of gasoline) the savings from using our electric bikes compared to the car are 12 – 15 € every 100 km or 600 – 750 € every 5,000 km.
Compared to a motorbike the savings from using our electric bikes are 5 – 8 € every 100 km. or 250 – 400 € every 5,000 km.
Should you add the cost of car or motorbike license fees, insurance, registration, parking, VTCC,Tolls, ferry fares, maintenance, repairs, or fines (such as illegal parking or helmet), the savings from using our e-bikes doubles or even triples.
Essentially, our customers achieve reimbursement of the purchase price of our electric bicycles in less than 1 year.

* Does not require a driving license.

We will be glad to have you join the large group of owners of electric bicycles ELECTRIC POWER BIKES, who feel the joy, power and immense feeling of freedom!