From 04 to 07-11-2011 Participation of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES in the exhibition of renewable sources shows “ECO CRETE”


18-10-2011 TORNADO andFALCON high power electric bicycles. The team of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES is pleased and excited to announce the launch of the new high-powered electric bicycles TORNADO και FALCON.

06-4-2011 X-TREME electric bike lottery of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES by Α.Ο.Chania.
The X-TREME electric bicycle of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES was drawn ny the Chania Sports Club after A.O.H. football match with Rhodes at the National Stadium of Chania on 6-4-2011


18-11-2010 Evening of the Technological Exhauster Natural Institutions of Crete.
ELECTRIC POWER BIKES participated in the evening on “Sustainable use of energy in transport” organized by the Technological Educational Institute of Crete – Department of Natural Resources and Environment on 18-11-2010 in the amphitheater of the Chania branch. After the speech of a representative of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES on “Use of electric bicycles to stydents and teachers of the Foundation.


22-9-2010 Cycling in Chania.
Participation of electric bucycles ELECTRIC POWER BIKES in the big cycling procession that took place in Chania on 22-9-2010.

15-9-2010 Presentation of electric bicycles of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES in Chania, Eleftherias square.
The interest anf participation in the presentation of electric bicycles of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES that took place on 15-9-2010 in Eleftherias square (Courts square) in Chania was great. Many people from Chania had the opportunity to see up close and make test runs with all models of electric bicycles of ELECTRIC POWER BIKES. Clearly excited and satisfied with the performance of the electric bikes, all the participants got the best impressions from this first for many contact with this modern and ecological means of transport.

23 to 30-4-2010 20th International Bicycle and Motorcycle Echibition in Shanghai.
The ELECTRIC POWER BIKES team visited the 20th International Bicycle and Motor Show Exhibition at the new Shanghai International Exhibition Center from April 23 to 30, 2010.
The event, considered one of the largest in China’s Bicycle Industry, was organized by the China Cycling Association and covered an area of more than 100.000 square meters, an increase of 10% over last year.

One of the 10 sub-areas, in which the exhibition was divided, was the zone of electric bicycles and their space parts, which attracted the greatest interest not only ours but also most visitors. More than 83 exhibitions participates in this zone alone. Clearly impressed bu the whole organization and the large attendance of visitors, we were very pleased with this vidit, because we saw the growning turn of the buyng public to the electric bike and the greatly improved quality and technology of electric bikes than produced in China.